RentSWFL: Your Premier Property Management Expert in Southwest Florida

Since its inception in 2004, RentSWFL has solidified its reputation as a trusted property management leader in Southwest Florida, proudly serving a myriad of clients for nearly two decades. Founders Joe and Alisa Crimaldi, with their impressive foundation of training from a Fortune 500 company and a staggering half-billion in sales, are at the helm of this legacy, ensuring professional and tailored services for both tenants and owners. Navigating the nuanced landscape of Florida Statutes, tenant vetting, eviction procedures, and the occasional unforeseen challenges, RentSWFL stands out as the definitive expert in the region, committed to excellence in every facet of property management.

Specialized Services in Real Estate
In addition to our comprehensive management services, we offer expertise in various niche areas of real estate:

               1031 Exchanges: Facilitating property exchanges to defer taxes and optimize investment strategies.

               FIRPTA: Navigating the complexities of the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act, ensuring seamless transactions for foreign property investors                                     in Florida.

               REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts): Offering opportunities for investment in large-scale, income-producing real estate.

               Self-directed IRAs: Unlocking the potential of real estate investments within retirement accounts.

               Snowbirds: Catering to seasonal residents looking to optimize their properties during off-seasons.

               Short Sales: Expertly navigating sales where proceeds fall short of the debts secured by liens.

               Traditional Sales: Streamlining the typical sales process for utmost efficiency and profitability.

               Foreclosures/REOs: Managing and capitalizing on bank-owned properties that have come through the foreclosure process.

Our Services


Our full-service property management company offers seamless online payments, allowing tenants to conveniently pay rent digitally while providing landlords with efficient, real-time transaction tracking and financial oversight. This modern feature ensures timely payments and simplifies financial management for all parties.


Our full-service property management company excels in tenant placement, meticulously vetting potential renters to find the ideal match for each property, ensuring long-term occupancy and consistent rental income. We prioritize quality tenancy, ensuring a harmonious landlord-tenant relationship.


Our full-service property management company employs a rigorous tenant screening process, analyzing credit, rental history, and background checks to ensure only the most qualified and reliable renters occupy your property. This thorough vetting safeguards landlords against potential rental issues and fosters a dependable tenant base.


Our full-service property management company offers end-to-end solutions, handling everything from tenant relations and rent collection to maintenance and financial reporting, ensuring a hassle-free and optimized rental experience for property owners. With our comprehensive oversight, landlords can enjoy peace of mind knowing their investment is expertly managed.


Our full-service property management company conducts in-depth rental price analysis, leveraging market data and property specifics to determine the optimal rental rate for your property. This ensures competitive pricing that maximizes your returns while maintaining tenant appeal.


Our full-service property management company provides comprehensive end-of-year reporting, detailing all rental income, expenses, and key financial metrics, simplifying tax preparations and offering a clear overview of your property's annual performance. This streamlined financial summary aids property owners in making informed decisions for the year ahead.

Meet the Team



Finance Wizard


"Joe's illustrious career began with formal training at a renowned Fortune 500 Company, quickly ascending to roles such as VP of Sales, VP of Construction, and Division VP for Lennar. With a foundation rooted in a B.S. in Finance from Florida State University, his diverse expertise offers a blend of acute financial insight and industry knowledge. Clients continuously benefit from Joe's visionary leadership, characterized by progressive strategies and forward thinking."



Marketing Mastermind


"Alisa, with her foundation in multi-media and web design from the Art Institute of Atlanta, has a flair for recognizing and leveraging the latest in marketing trends. Her acumen is amplified by in-depth sales and marketing training received at a renowned Fortune 500 company. At RentSWFL, Alisa's dual strengths converge, offering properties the spotlight they deserve in an ever-evolving market."



Client Coordinator


"Cyndi stands out as a consummate professional, earning clients' admiration through her meticulous attention to detail, genuine compassion, and relentless work ethic. A masterful listener, she excels at pairing prospective tenants with properties that resonate with their needs. At the same time, she maintains a transparent and steady line of communication with property owners, ensuring all parties feel heard and valued."



Dwelling Doctor


"For over a decade, Elfego has been an indispensable asset to our team, consistently ensuring our clients' properties meet the highest quality standards while optimizing costs. His dedication and expertise allow us to bypass the steep expenses typically associated with outsourced handymen, from prohibitive trip fees to elevated billing rates. With Elfego on board, we strive for excellence without the exorbitant price tag."