Why Choose RentSWFL? Experience, Expertise, and Ease!


Are you in search of a rental property management partner that truly understands your needs? Welcome to RentSWFL, where protecting your investment and offering a hassle-free experience is our top priority.

What Sets Us Apart?

1. Total Anonymity & Hassle-free Ownership
Hand off all interactions with your tenants to us! No more dealing with awkward tenant situations or playing the middleman. With RentSWFL, you get to be the silent investor, just collecting your check with peace of mind.

2. Nearly 20 Years in the Property Management & Sales
Experience isn’t just about the years; it’s about the challenges faced and overcome. We have seen a myriad of situations, from tricky tenants to unique maintenance challenges. This experience translates to preemptive property management, ensuring fewer hiccups down the road.

3. Expertise in Tenant Selection & Maintenance 
From spotting red flags with potential tenants to leveraging our vast knowledge of maintenance tricks, our aim is to save you time, stress, and money. Before resorting to costly solutions, we always look for smarter, more efficient alternatives.


4. A Dedicated Team of Pros
We’re not just a stepping stone in the real estate industry. We’re specialists who’ve managed everything from individual homes to sprawling apartment communities. With a rich history of representing homeowners and a strong track record in court, our team is prepared for every eventuality.

5. Meet Our Stars!

Cyndi Kane: Everyone’s favorite office dynamo, Cyndi Kane flawlessly melds charm with efficiency, making both tenants and property owners feel like they’ve hit the jackpot!

Alisa Crimaldi: Blending 20 years of real estate prowess with an Art Institute twist and a dash of Fortune 500 savvy, ensuring RentSWFL properties always steal the spotlight!

Joe Crimaldi: Joe Crimaldi: FSU’s finance ace turned Fortune 500 trailblazer, infusing RentSWFL with two decades of unparalleled property acumen and vision.

Elfago Flanders: Elfago Flanders: our maintenance maestro, saving RentSWFL from outsourced woes for over a decade, ensuring quality shines without the hefty price line!

6. Personal Experience 
Meet the dynamic duo behind RentSWFL: Joe and Alisa. Joe, with his illustrious background as a former V.P. of Sales and V.P. of Construction for Lennar, coupled with Alisa’s expertise as a former New Home Consultant for Lennar, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Their deep-rooted experience in the SWFL Real Estate Market, both as homeowners of multiple investment properties in the region’s prestigious bundled golf communities and as representatives for countless others, ensures that RentSWFL    offers a perspective that’s both expansive and uniquely tailored to meet your property management needs.

7. 24/7 Availability for Tenant Concerns
Whether it’s a weekend maintenance issue or a late-night complaint, we’re the primary point of contact for your tenants, ensuring you’re never disturbed.

8. Cutting-Edge Software
With our state-of-the-art software, both owners and tenants can access their accounts, monitor statements, handle maintenance requests, and more – all at the click of a button!

9. Our Earnings Depend on Your Profit
No upfront fees! Our commission system ensures our interests align perfectly with yours. If you don’t earn, neither do we.

In essence, partnering with RentSWFL means you’re choosing an expert team that’s invested in your success. With our commitment, experience, and state-of-the-art tools, your property is in the best hands. Choose RentSWFL today and make your property investment journey a breeze!